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99 (empty) bottles of beer

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I've been collecting 99 unique bottles of beer over the last few years, but I've finally hit my goal and now am ready to pass them along, be it to recycling or to a good home! Bottles are boxed and ready to go when you are.

Some possible uses:

-If you homebrew and want to bottle your beer - the vast, vast majority are pry-off caps, so easy enough to re-bottle.
-If you're planning a trip to Michigan and want to get an astounding rate of return of $9.90 on your empty beer bottle recycling investment! As a bonus, I'll throw in an extra beer bottle that I'll shotgun right in front of you so you can make it an even $10.00!
-Makes for great ammunition for bar fights! I can confirm that these bottles break just as easily as normal bottles, so are great for stabbin' or head smashin'. (NOTE: Please don't actually do this)

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