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Need a light haired women under 40 years old to resolve an argument

Subject will need to be:



-Under 40 years of age

-Living in or near the West Bend area

-Currently beardless

-Able to prove that they are shaving three times a week for the duration of three months through video/photo evidence or eye witness account.

Subjects applying for this part-time position should be fair skinned and have lighter hair color in order to facilitate accurate measurement of post-shaving hair thickness and darkness.

At the end of the three month test period the subject will receive $195.00 ($5 per shaving session)

All materials necessary for shaving will be provided by my brother in-law who thinks you will develop a beard.

I (along with the entire medical and scientific community) think you will not develop a beard, and will be supplying the paycheck.

Serious inquiries only.

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