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BE THE COUCH you want to sit on in the World!

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Be the couch you want to sit on in the world.

After years of selfless service, community building, life-coaching and spiritual leadership, the most interesting couch in the world is looking for a new home.

You may know the couch from any of the following well-known accomplishments:

• Sitting Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations
• Executive Director of Sitting for the World Economic Forum (DAVOS)
• Wood-framed incarnation of Mahavatar Babaji's sukhasana
• TED Conference sitting Chair

Lesser known accomplishments include:

• Seating for Roosevelt's Rough Riders
• Space X Pilot Seating Consultant
• Obligatory Simpson's Opening Sequence cameo
• Practice couch for Tom Cruise's Oprah appearance.

The couch, version 2.1, is compatible with the following:

• People (All Sitting Styles)
• Cats (Basic and Advanced)
• Dogs (Patent Pending)
• Children (Application Required)

The most interesting couch in the world will open doors to a new level of existence not known to the new owner. Travel the stars with the couch of the future and the past. What is seating, was seating and will always be seating.


Fan fiction:

"One day at the bus stop, they discover a zucchini-colored crayon in the recesses of an abandoned couch. Their seemingly mundane discovery touches off a series of events that will take them though intergalactic portals to battle dangerous villains intent on creating evil clones, and befriend beings with artificial intelligence."

While the couch has been known to levitate under its own volition, the couch now feels that such acts are an ostentatious display of power. We are not worthy.

The couch humbly requests that its new protege be willing to remove it via manual, non-magical means. In other words, you gots to come get it.


The Interwebz has responded.



To the person who has "the couch I want:"

Yes, this is the couch I want...with the exception of the length, much too large for my space.
But if I had the space and could have the couch I wanted, it would be this one.
In fact I would make certain that it would carry on all the traditions from its past, like providing a place to snuggle, read, rest, and reflect.

I would invite people to have a seat and to contemplate.

A retired sea captain is coming for a visit soon bringing with him tales of the sea, I would want him to sit on the couch and regale us with his adventures...

After he leaves a simple woman of peace is coming for a visit...I would invite her to simply rest and reflect while she sat on the couch....who knows what revelations could come from such a visit, who knows what world problems could be addressed and solutions found.

What if the thoughts from all the individuals, animals and even insects that have rested on the couch were infused into its very heart....and one who rests there gains perspective and wisdom from the ones who rested before?

Maybe...but....as for me, it is way to long for my special, small space...
I would if I could....just think about all the...

BTW what color is it really??
......heart, spirit, vision
The person who wants the couch

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