Urspr√ľnglich ver√∂ffentlicht: 2007-09-12 21:05 (no longer live)

6 pack packing tape for $5 for 6 pack beer

So I posted an ad asking to exchange the packing tape pictured below for a sixer of beer. I figured this would be no big deal - a basic easy trade with no lingering anxieties or questions left unanswered. Tape is tape and beer is... well... delicious. However, my ad was flagged. This leaves me mildly upset. Bartering for beer is a practice I commonly use in Wisconsin. I'll be at Culver's (also delicious) with some friends and I'll be out of cash so they'll pick up my tab. And instead of owing them $5.31 or whatever I'll just owe them a beer or two next time we go out. Easy. Very easy. So easy, in fact, that I thought the same principal could be applied to the barter system on Craig's List. But alas, this extraordinary website I have relied on for so much (my job, my apartment, a few gigs, even a date or two), has let me down. Burried in the fine print I see the prohibited list includes: "Alcohol or tobacco products." Sigh. Too bad Craigslist is based out of California - where unhappy cows come from - instead of the Great State of Wisconsin. Then we would only be able to barter for beer, cheese and brats.

I guess the point is that I'm still trying to get rid of this packing tape. So now I am asking to trade the 6 pack packing tape for $5 so I can purchase the 6 pack of beer. I'll even throw in a bonus roll. Other offers will be entertained, including a trade for non-California cheese.

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