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Martha Stewart prison sink/toilet combo

One more item I gotta part with, Acorn Mfg. (no known association with the community organizers of the same name) stainless steel prison toilet. Rumor has it this is the Martha Stewart Signature Series, can't seem to find the label though. It's very clean too, as if Martha herself had actually used this. If you're into fantasizing about Martha Steward on the can in prison, or you just have fond memories of the greybar hotel, nothing brings you closer than your own authentic prison toilet.
What can I say about this fine suicide resistant plumbing fixture? Got unruly house guests or the party has gotten completely out of control and you're worried someone in the bathroom is trying to make their own weapon? Well rest assured, they won't be able to remove any part of this toilet to fabricate an emergency shive, they'll just have to use something else. (like your toothbrush) Overdid it on the Mexican food? Nothing's better than parking your burning nether-regions on nice cold stainless steel, save the ice cream for later.
Not quite sure it's something you personally need? Well wouldn't this be a fantastic gift for the recently paroled inmate, or the soon to be incarcerated, or that lucky bastard that got off from serious time in the clink.
Christmas is but 10 short months away. It was suggested to send it to the IRS for all the new tax cheats, but that's not necessary any more since they've all gotten hired in this new administration. (there's a change)
All this can be yours for only $345 or best offer. New these babies run over $2000 or more depending on model, I'm keeping it cheap due to hard economic times and passing the saving onto you.
Thanks for looking and don't drop the soap

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