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favorite this post Iíve decided Iím too old for men with potential anymore

Thereís a lot to be said for it Ė the promise that comes from a connection with a brisk young man who has eyes full of horizonÖwell the joy is of the journey itself. In fairness, for a long while, itís really a marvelous ride.

But the other side of the story is that well over half of those young men with potential in Los Angeles become so enamored of the trip they donít go anywhere. They coast along indefinitely on that promise of unexpected success over the next hill with no map to get there and no intention of buying one.

Iíve been in the passenger seat for many, many of those outings. I can now safely say Iíve gotten wild rides to nowhere out of my system. Iím ready to be with a man who has a direction, a map and whoís already gone halfway there.

But before I go into great detail about that specific ďhimĒ itís only fair to tell you about the ďher.Ē

Me. Elaborated.

Iím 29, 5í11Ē, clever, dryly witty, quite pretty and I have a slim figure that, when naked, Iím happy with nine days out of ten. (Truthfully, Iím only mildly disappointed that other time.) I enjoy sex but Iíve no inclination to go further beyond that statement and risk adding to the pointless luridness that passes for personality on the site. This city is too explicit for itís own good as it is.

Iíve a job I enjoy, a home Iíve just recently re-decorated to my comfort, and friends and family who couldnít be more supportive. Iím literate, well-traveled and I appreciate both passion and civility. That said, I donít shout pointlessly about globalism, indulge in narcissistic intellectualism or have sex on the first date without a tremendously good reason.

And if you think Iím being obvious with ďtremendousĒ clearly youíve missed the point so far.

And that point is Ė really the crux of all of this so far Ė is that Iím happy with myself. Not giddy, satisfied or surprised. Iím genuinely happy being who I am and Iím very content with the company of who I've turned out to be.

That saidÖthis ad.

To clarify: Iím not in the market for a savior, a fix-up project or any of the heretofore mentioned ďboys with potential.Ē Iím looking for a man who, quite simply, adds to me. And I to him. A fair exchange, a genuine connection and a good place to build something better.

Itís simple. Not terribly profound but simple.

The man Iím looking for should have achieved something of substance with himself. Not necessarily of material means, but general aversions to financial success cut simply too close to the sandy-haired, aimless boys Iím trying to move on from.

He should be intelligent, thoughtful in his speech and should have finished at least one book in the last year that he learned something more significant from than cocktail recipes. And, respectfully, he should not be involved in Dianetics. Given, itís blunt and unforgiving, but Iím hardly in the mood for new age dogmatism in any new relationship. Itís a bit of a mood killer.

He should be tall Ė because I am. He should be at least 31 Ė the age where men start to begin. And no older than 41 Ė the age men begin to take stock. And he should be moved by something. But which he shares rarely with othersÖif at all.

Itís a tall order and the only incentive I can give to men whoíve been interested this far is that, with all due modesty, I am worth the time it will take to reply if youíre the one. And when all is said and done, weíll make each other certain and happy. And there will be nothing left to say or do.

I thank you for completing my far too long ad and indulging my inability to edit myself. If youíre the man Iím looking for, take a chance to re-read this, mull and decide on something of substance to reply. I wouldnít want to lose you among the inevitable ďN-E-Wayz write me soooooN!Ē notes that will be filling my inbox shortly.

And, honestly, if you are one of those boys Ė at this moment, readying your cut and paste replies and your photo-shopped nude pictures Ė this is as good a time as any to tell you that youíll have far more luck with the athletic, bisexual girls of the San Fernando Valley who are looking to add more ďfriends with privilegesĒ to their roster. Play the percentages and send them your note. Theyíre far more eager for it than I am.

Thank you for your discernment.

Everyone needs a handle, so I guess I'll just be...

Mustang Sally

(because even I know that a car counts for identity in this town).

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