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I wath thearthing for more RAM at Fry'th when I thaw you. You were in the thame aisle, looking for thimilar thtorage. I thyly looked up at you and you thmiled at me. Drool theeped out of my mouth ath I thaid 'hello.' Don't worry, I only have to wear thith thtupid headgear for another 3 yearth.

Once I wiped my mouth, you complimented me on my pocket protector. You mentioned that you uthe one ath well, only you keep penthilth in yourth, not penth. That made me bluth and hyperventilate a little. I gufawed for a little while, kicking at an imaginary pebble, while taking a deep breath from my inhaler.

I wanted to tell you that I found your really thick glatheth thexy, but I felt my weak bladder about to give out. I ran to find the neareth rethroom. When I came back, you were gone.

I wanted to know if you'd be interethed in going on a date with me (?) I was thinking we could window thop at Beth Buy or Thircuit Thity, but I'm open to thuggethionth. Pleathe write me back, ath I think you may be my thoul mate!

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