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it was yesterday (valentines day), at about 5 PM. You were inside of the liquor store on melrose. I went in to buy some batteries and to look at the adult magazines because im too cheap to buy them, and because my memory is so good.

you were buying:

donuts (package of six; powdered)

mineral or spring water (approx. 32 ounces or 750 ml in case youre european)

ciggeretes (hey they were lights! we all know that the full flavor ones are deadly but lights are filled with granola and herbs!)

I said "going to kick back and watch some ninjas movies eh?"

"what??", you said.

Then I said: "thats the stuff i buy when im going to relax in front of a ninja movie"

you said: "hmm."

Do you like ninjas, i asked.

Not really you said, but i could tell you were being cagey, just to make sure i was really a fan of ninjas and not some ninja poser.

Then you hurried out of the store with your bag, i followed you and when you started running i knew you were just testing my stamina and ninja locating powers. Im fast as shit huh? At the company picnic i hit a home run and then ran and caught it.

Then you jumped in your ninja mobile and since i walked to the store (its close to my house) my ninjamobile was a good distance away and my locating powers arent that superior yet to find you with that kind of head start.

So i was thinking youre probably regretting being so presumptious to think that my ninjamobile was nearby or that i had a grappling hook and could throw it at your car, i mean you ruined a good thing baby.
So heres your second chance, email me ok?

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