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Space Cruiser (Rick and Morty)

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This is a heavily used Space Cruiser coupe.
1 owner. Non-smoker (but heavy drinker)
Odometer: 11.3.14159265359 parsecs
Does not run. Sold AS IS.


- Seats 2 passengers comfortably (but can fit up to 3)
- Built-in security system to "Keep passengers safe"
- Runs on Nitro Dark Matter
- Mega Seed powered onboard computer system
- Registration valid until May 2020 (registered in Dimension C-137)
- Bose 7 speaker sound system w/ 5 disc CD player and Cassette deck and Sirius XM


- Front End body repair
- New Brakes
- New Rear Thrusters
- New Forward Thrusters
- New Microverse Battery (12v)
- Headlight bulbs may need replacing (occasional flickering)
- Windshield cracks repaired
- Smoke coming out of gravity inverter

$50 o.b.o. -- Available for pickup Friday 11/1

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