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Like new. Except that it's full of food. And it's in our kitchen.

Cost $700 new.

Queen-Sized Bed (Mattress/Box Spring/Frame)
One of the few used mattresses that doesn't come with a free membership to the Disease-of-the-Month club.

It's pretty much brand new. No stains, no sagging, no lingering unidentifiable odors.
Office Chair
Wanna look like a big shot, liked Donald Trump? Then you need this chair. And 50 billion dollars.

There's a slight split at one of the seams, on the lower right corner. Other than that it's in good shape.

MPEX PowerMax Weight Bench w/ Weights
They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I recently learned that the road to being a fat slob is similarly paved.

If anyone ever says to you, "Dude, why pay $500 for a gym membership when you can just BUY the weights for that much?" you should punch him in the head.

Then explain that your unused gym membership doesn't sit in your garage for 3 years until you have to sell it at a tremendous loss when you decide to move.

This is an incline/flat/decline bench that goes from military press upright to bench press flat to decline press decline. It has a leg extension thingy, a bicep curl thingy, and this thingy (if you're into that sort of thing).

It also has two dumbells, four 2.5 lb. weights, eight 5 lb. weights, and eight 10 lb weights. All the weights are solid metal, not that plastic sand-filled crap.


Really Big Cabinet
If this cabinet had running water, we could rent it out as a studio apartment.

Technically it's a wardrobe cabinet for a bedroom, but we use it in our kitchen to store dry goods (i.e. Mac & Cheese, Ramen Noodles, and more Mac & Cheese). It has several shelves inside.

It's from Ikea. $99 new.




Shabby Chic Dresser
"Shabby chic" means someone paid a bunch of money to take a perfectly good dresser and make it look like it was saved from a fire in an abandoned 18th century farmhouse.

That being said, it's actually kind of cool-looking.

4-Drawer Dresser
I don't know why people call this a "dresser." It hasn't dressed me once in the entire time I've had it. It pretty much just sits there and holds my clothes.
The Weapon Of Mass Destruction Kitchen Table
See that yellow base in the photo? It's made of solid iron. It weighs 14,000 pounds. If you dropped it from a plane, it would take out a small village.

The table top is white formica and includes a 12" expansion leaf (not pictured). If you want a kitchen table that can survive a nuclear holocaust, this is the one for you.

6' long x 4' wide (with leaf in)
These Chairs Are For Lovers
Nice oak chairs, practically new. Less than a year old. No, we will not just sell you just one. Make a friend.

Cost $40.00 each new

(Okay, if you really want just one, you can have it for $10.00.)
for both
The Lieutenant Dan Table
Why is this the "Lieutenant Dan" table? Because, like Lieutentant Dan in Forrest Gump, this table has no legs.

Why would you want a table with no legs? Because it looks cool. That's why we got it. It was used in a Budweiser commerical. We were feeling ambitious and planned to put legs on it. Turns out we're not that ambitious. Maybe you are.

5' round

3-Way Lamp
Lamp with three adjustable heads to illuminate the three things in your studio apartment worth illuminating.

Serial killer hideway plywood wall not included.


The I'm-Not-Afraid-Of-Fire Halogen Lamp
This lamp is great for lighting up a room, especially if you drape some silk scarves over it to set the mood. Just don't be upset if your date runs away with a fireman when they come to extinguish the blaze.

Three setting: High, Low, and Holy Crap It's Dark In Here.


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