Originally Posted: 2004-12-24 1:37pm

favorite this post Haikudos: you caused a 5-car pileup on the 5!

What on earth, jackhole?
What made you slam on your brakes?
It was too crowded

Cruising on the 5
Suddenly, people swerving
Into the grass knoll

They were quite lucky
It would have been seven cars
Without the bail-outs

Slamming on the brakes
The minivan looms closer
To my front bumper

I thought I had it
Until the pickup hit me
My wagon was shoved

Under the van, me
Crunching hood and engine parts
Inauspicious smoke

My car was now stuck
Wedged under the back bumper
Of the minivan

The other three cars
Were actually driveable
How I envy them!

My car, not running
Smoke, fluid and engine parts
Littering the 5

The van dragged me off
At the cop's bullhorned request
The cars then parted

Oh dear, my poor car
Hood peeled like a sardine can
Engine smashed to bits

What started this wreck?
In the post-pileup madness
I forgot to ask

The 5 was crowded
A caravan of drivers
Following nicely

At the speed limit
We cruised merrily along
Frowning at big rigs

But no, you blew it
Did a semi cut you off
To pass a slow dude?

Well gee, thanks a lot
For your overreaction
I'm left without wheels

The tow truck took me
To a BFE Denny's
To wait for a ride

It's not every day
That a smashed car shows up there
On a huge towtruck

I made quite a sight
Extracting presents and stuff
My CD's, my clothes

I realized later
That I forgot my Fastrak
Dammit, I need that

Next time, I'll just fly
To avoid people like you
I'll get free peanuts

this is in or around The Fourth Car

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