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I am now going to approach dating in a scientific manner.
So far my dating exploits have included men who claim to be the best in bed.
Unfortunately, I've found that men who think they are good in bed are good at getting right to their own orgasms and biting things that should never even be tongued (like the eyebrow.)

So, I am looking for guys who admit they are bad in the sack. This is the Michael Jackson approach to dating where bad is the new good.

You say you can make me cum five times in an hour? Not interested.
You say your dick is more on target for the gspot than the Olympic Archery team. No can do.
You say your tongue is more powerful than a plug in vibrator. Sorry buddy.

I want the guy who needs at least two girls to get a boner. I need the guy who doesn't know how to put the condom on. I'd like the guy who thinks the Gspot is a club on Sunset. I'm going to date the guy who actually thinks that the ears are two more inputs.

An added bonus would be if you like indie rock or electroclash, but I'll venture to guess that the guy who knows he's bad in bed is waiting for a Slaughter reunion tour. And that's the guy I want to date.

this is in or around in LA

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