Originally Posted: 2004-04-28 11:08pm

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Dear Mr. Peepers,

Although I'm flattered that each & every morning when I awaken you are on the public rooftop patio on top of your building staring over, I think it's time to break the ackwardness.

At first it was amusing to watch you shield your eyes to get a better view. I wasn't sure if it was me you were looking at...I mean, heck, there's 30 units facing you. I'm just lucky enough to be directly across from you.

As time went on and our relationship seemed to blossom, I became increasingly curious... Could it really be me? Am I *that* interesting as I sit at my desk and drink my coffee? So I devised a plan. You know, something to break the ice. I stood up and pointed my camera at you while I was in the living room.

You shy little devil!! You turned away each time I did that! It really is me, the object of your early morning desires!

This morning, since I woke up and wasn't in the best mood, I gave you the finger. It was all in good fun! How could I not like having a 70 year old man in spandex as a secret admirer? I'm a 33 year old guy in West Hollywood, why would you think that I wouldn't be interested?

First off, I'm sorry I was in a bad mood. The finger? Well, that was harsh. Little did I know of your plans today to give ME a mid-morning show!

Now, all the other times I pointed my camera...I never took your picture. Today though, you looked so damn good I thought to myself..."Man, that's prime picture takin' material". So I did.

I hope you like it.

Until tomorrow...

The dude across the way.

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