Originally Posted: 2004-03-19 10:02am

favorite this post You crapped on my head and now you're taking all my friendsters

You piece of shit. Couldn't you just have given me the herpes and left me for celibacy/dead?

Nah. That's just not your style.

When I finally manage to pick up the pieces and try to get my life back together by signing onto friendster and acquiring about 100 friendsters, you come back in to swoop on my people. Why not kill my sex life and take all my friendsters?

I had Stan, now you have Stan. I had Ugly Male Model, now you have Ugly Male Model. I had Echo Park as my friendster, now you have Echo Park.

I have Mr. Buttcheeks, you have Mr. Buttcheeks. You don't even know Mr. Buttcheeks. I know because I AM Mr. Buttcheeks you asshole.

This is ridiculous. Find your own fucking friendsters or I'll start messaging your friends about your "one time" gay experience with your neighbor (yep, the one who has a fetish for fucking watermelons and vacuum cleaners) that lasted six months. Or I can just go into explicit detail about liquid lunches consisting of Viagra/Cialis/TrimSpa/apple martinis...

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