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favorite this post I don't have a CL posting problem

how to tell if you have a CL posting problem:

1 you make a list of things yr co-workers tell you you have a problem with and post it on CL, like your over posting CL problem...
2 you get legit aggro about the SUV or racist posts.
3 you refer to Craigslist as CL
4 you re-route your work server so you get the max bandwith to receive the new postings as fast as possible
5 you start your own site: maryslist and are the sole poster
6 you reference your previous posts (like the evil post i just did)
7 you grumble that no one gets your humor cause they are nerds just like you but act kewl by naysaying anything that is posted but dont realize that nerd bashing other nerds are equally as nerdy
8 you constantly test how many characters can fit in the "specific location" text box and/or spend an equal amount of time thinking of a witty location idea as it takes to type your list
9 you yell "thats right!" on every return key stroke
10 you cut and paste missed connection postings into simple text and then have your mac read it outloud using the "milktoast" voice.
11 you find yourself needing a life

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