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Dear LA,

It's been awhile and I haven't gotten back as much as I wanted to. I was reading the rave about someone's favourite places and it started me thinking. I miss most of the places mentioned but what I miss most are your people.

I miss being able to talk nonsense shit about movies and Paris Hilton's sex tapes. People where I am now they just don't understand that you cannot talk solely about how Armageddon is coming via Bush. For all the Armani wearing bastards I had to deal with back home I have to deal with ten ultra-sensitive "Life's Not FAAAIIRRR" patchouli stank anarchist whiners who consider protesting a date.

I miss cultural oppurtunities like LACMA and the galleries in SM. I miss dressing up to go out. Most of the mutherfuckers here seem to think that polar fleece is acceptable anywhere, even at the Opera.
I miss the Santa Anas.
I miss Malibu, the most expensive place in the world that closes down at 9pm. I miss having options for doing something at 3 am that are not limited to sitting around Denny's.
I miss the coconuts frios guy in Venice.
I miss being the token gringa in my neighborhood.
I miss Eduardo the guy at the Quickie Mart who always gave me my cigs with a spanish lesson.
I miss the freedom of LA. You want to be a Raelian who hawks colon blow in the parking lot of Trader Joe's while trying to get a directing gig? Go for it.
I miss not being thought "strange" because I'm 27 and haven't had two kids and a townhouse and a hubbie.
I miss having three weird jobs just to pay for rent and ramen.
I miss seeing weird shit on a daily basis like Pam Anderson without her eyebrows painted on buying ghetto wine at 1:45 am. Or the time at the Melrose Starbucks when we walked in right after two frappucino oredering gang members tried to kill each other with the heavy glass biscotti lids.
I may have been a peon and over worked and underpaid but goddammit I'm doing the same thing here and not seeing half as much crazy magic in the world as I did back there.
To all you people who say you hate LA: think about it seriously before you move. Like the love of your life that you mistakenly leave, you can rarely come back.
Love to you all.

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