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favorite this post Trader Joe's last night 6-7pm

You were the girl with long brown hair and green tank top, red flip flops with the skinny indie rock boyfriend, wow was all I could think. You jumped up and down when you had found the lactose free milk.

You were the bald black man in line with the seashell necklace. Goddamn. And then when you smiled and your teeth sparkled I about fell over. You had fewer muscles than Schwarzenegger but that is always a good thing.

You were the older white man (about 35/40) in line ahead of the bald black sea shell man who laughed at me when I dropped the 24 packs of sports water bottles on my foot trying to lift them into the cart. You had nice laugh lines around your eyes like you have a kind soul. Plus it seemed like you were friendly with the bald black seashell man.

You were the skinny blonde curly haired model girl looking at soy cheese in the dairy section (I guess if it is soy cheese then it is the non-dairy section?). I think I have seen you on Law and Order or something like it. Your hair is perfect. Perfect. I want to be sleep at the foot of your bed or on top of your foot in your bed.

You were the tall tan white boy with tattoo sleeves and a black baseball cap. You lifted the Charles Shaw 12 pack like it was a Balance Bar. Damn. I wanted to climb into one of your paper or plastic.

You were the short indie rock boy with the Postal Service shirt on, hovering around the samples section like a starved animal. I saw you eat six samples of the shrimp stuff (you weren't very sly) but I thought it was charming because I like the Postal Service and you were pretty cute. I did notice how you left the store without buying anything (was that dinner for you?) but I do happen to know that tickets for the Postal Service show were $15.00 and shirts were $12.00 so while you might not be living high on the hog, you probably can afford a Balance bar or some soy chorizo and potato taquitos.

You were the skinny hippie girl in the parking lot with the long brown wavy hair and the low cut brown tank top talking animatedly to your male friend. You were holding a bottle of Pomegranate juice, you've heard about the anti-oxidants as well. If your tank top had been any lower, I might have seen a bit of heaven but instead my cart directed me into a nearby BMW and after leaving a scratch I hobbled over to my filthy car and left Trader Joe's.

it is okay to contact this female if you have been to trader joe's at third and la brea because apparently only hot people go to trader joe's at third and la brea. it is fucking ridiculous the number of hot people who shop at trader joe's at third and la brea.
this is in or around 3rd/la brea

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