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favorite this post RAFTEOCA needs all the help it can get!

Rid the earth of all half-witted conceptual artists. Each one which is eradicated gives the world (art-, social-, and otherwise) fifty (50) evolution points. You will also receive 10 karma points, which can be applied to this, or any other life/lifetime.

Evidence of rehabitilated or incapaticated artists should be made available in any public fora, but is not necessary to receive aforementioned compensation.


(Real Artists for the Eradication of Conceptual Artists)

P.S. Also going around is a petition to force a 3 year waiting period for CalArts Fine Arts graduates to move into the Silverlake/Los Feliz area. After which there is a 12 month probationary period which allows ejection of the "artist" if suspected of (but not limited to) the following:

1. Conceptual Art
2. Possession of a musical instrument with intent to form a band.
3. Parting the hair in an unusual manner (particularly in the back of the head), simulating the effects of going to bed right after taking a shower and putting styling products in one's hair.
4. Wearing glam-rock t-shirts
5. Wearing excessive paint on your jeans/shoes/overalls in public, or otherwise rockin' the "artist" image.
6. Wearing mesh baseball caps.

This is similar to the directive passed last year imposing a waiting and probationary period upon world music graduates, and a ban on all world music students, from living in Venice.

Please help this get passed!

Compensation: The satisfaction of knowing that you've taken one more doltish and lazy conceptual artist off the street - also fifty (50) world evolution points and ten (10) karma points!

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