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favorite this post The boys of downtown

I see you walking around the financial district. You know how to dress, that's for sure. You are generally very cute, trendy, and look directly through me as we pass.

Let me tell you something, my Brooks Brothers-wearing friend.

I am the very plain girl who looks at you from afar. I don't wear designer clothes because I have better things to spend my money on, like sex toys. And I make pretty good money, so you can imagine the collection I have. I never wear panties. I am completely shaved. I love having sex with women, and if you played your cards right I might let you join. I have huge natural tits for you to enjoy, and all of my holes are available for your use (yes, even THAT one, and I love it, too!) I give a killer blow job, and yes boys, I swallow. There are not too many fantasies I haven't tried, and I liked most of them. In short, I am one nasty, slutty little girl, cleverly disguised as a plain-jane secretary.

I am 100% single, and if you asked me out I would probably say yes. But you won't. Because I don't look the part.

So next happy hour when you are talking to a knockout little cutie in designer duds, keep in mind that she has carefully gauged her drinks to be just drunk enough to think your jokes are funny, but not nearly drunk enough to take you down to the stairwell and fuck your brians out like you keep hoping she will. She really IS a secretary, and she needs YOU to buy her drinks because she spends all her money on clothes. See how that works?

Happy hunting boys. You are my MC but I am done with you!

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