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Yo ho! Yo ho! A feline's life for thee!

Avast, me hearties! There be a one-eyed pirate kitty on the prowl for a new berth!

Her eye was lost to infection when she was but a wee lass, but it has slowed her hardly at all. Sadly, she's of no use as a gunner; ne'er has she successfully hit with a cannon. But neither has she e'er missed a litterbox! She has a great love of exploring the wild indoors. Her depth perception makes jumping a mite tricky 'til she learns the lay of the land, but it barely slows her.

'Tis true that her lack of an eye makes it impossible for her to judge how close other pirate cats and dogs may be, so she shows tooth and claw -- being on her own is for the best. Small children that may pull the tail and charge quickly at our one-eyed lass might also trouble her, but she is light on her four feet!

She is a pirate cat of mighty passions! Her love for her cap'n shows in a purr that can be heard from bow to stern. Given leave, she sleeps under blankets, curled next to the mighty crew that feed and give her water. And water! Oh, sweet water (never the salty seas, a strange pirate...)! A splash of water, a drop of water - she will be there, tongue ready to make sure that it doesn't go to waste.

Water is also a useful place for her prey when she has finished with it. Prey such as sparkling balls, catnip mice, yarn, string... She romps with gusto, always ready to pounce and play. (Strange red laser dots that come from nowhere are also favorites, though they have no place among the pirates of the Spanish Main.)

And is our pirate shy? Never! She greets her family as they board their vessel! She happily holds discourse with them! Though scurvy be the bane of the pirate life, her health has ne'er faltered, and her pirate vaccinations are up to date. Also, she will never produce any mini pirate cats.

Pirate kitty is looking for a new berth where she will be loved and taken care of. Her current captain is moving to a new home with far too many in the new pirate cat crew. Her stress and anger have been mighty indeed, and her happiness will be much greater on a different ship with gentle leadership. She will be greatly missed; life aboard will not be the same without her. She will bring her own carrier and some toys, for a rehoming fee of $25 dubloons.

Potential Captains can contact via email or at [number].
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