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Ballad of the Little Red La-z-boy recliner

For many years, a loyal friend
a comrade to be sure
to meet -- too soon -- his destined end
would be an adventure

the brave recliner held steadfast
through seasons hot and cold
its battered form more broken in
than dirty, stained or old

but at last the final battle came
the dawn in red engulfed the skies
and down the battered chair did fall
with the mightiest of cries

his brave companions took him
far as they could carry on
but to the curb, they could not make it
on the cold stones they laid him down

'Go on brave souls!' he cried then
'and leave me in my mire
'for I have been a good friend
'but it's time that I retire'

and so he rests upon that patio
waiting for a friend to come
with nuts and bolts to fix his wounds
and hearty hands to bear him home

they say he sits there now
just a few hours in the cold
but he longs for new companions
for adventures yet untold

If you find that you are ready
to take on this much-loved chair
then come and ring the bell
and you'll find him waiting there.

(tl;dr we've got this la-z-boy recliner we don't need anymore and which is need of some repairs. Shouldn't take more than a bolt or two and it'd be good as new. You haul it, it's yours. Address & map included, just ring the bell and we'll take you back to get it. Free to the first person who comes after it.)

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