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Naked dumpster diver - m4m

It was a magical experience if ever I've had one.
Walking up and down the back alleys looking for something, anything, to make me feel alive and I noticed some old thrown out adult DVD covers in the dumpster of a local store.
I couldn't believe my luck but knew that with the clothes on my back being my only possessions in the world that I couldn't risk soiling them.
I removed my exterior garments and jumped into the metal bin to begin digging for treasures of a masturbatory nature.
That's when I stood up and saw you there holding your trash bags. It was obvious that you weren't expecting me as you took out the daily trash from your work.
You were standing there looking perplexed yet intrigued and there I was wearing nothing but sneakers, standing in your dumpster while holding placards of all the dirtiest new adult DVD releases.
Oh it was a sight to behold. Your eyes meet mine and there was an awkward silence before you turned and walked the other way. I am sure you felt the same thing I did.
You were the porn store employee wearing the yellow shirt, I believe you are the manager. I was, of course, the naked 30 something with a few good teeth.
Please respond ASAP as my data on my obamaphone expires in two days.

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