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Free Tree for firewood-Yes, THE famous Hillary Clinton Tree!

Several years ago Hillary Clinton's motorcade passed by my humble home near Zionsville Road and West 62 street in NW Indy. Apparently she became so displeased that her staff could not move my Ash (tree) from the RIGHT to the LEFT (of my driveway), she smote the tree and it died immediately. It would be a pleasure to donate this corpse of a tree to your next deplorable bonfire gathering. Just cut her down and haul her away. If the ad is still up, the tree is still up, Trump is still President and the tree is still available. Regrettably, I am retired and on a limited income or I'd be able to pay for removal myself. Don't waste my time. PLEASE NO STUMP KICKERS. Cut it down and haul it away at your own risk and only if you are serious about MAGA! No! I will not send it through Western Union nor will I allow a third party (Libertarian, Socialist etc) to pick it up for you. I would prefer that all replies are transmitted through mental telepathy, but at my age I often forget to remove my tin foil hat which might be blocking our thoughts, so if I don't seem to be responding or the response comes back in Russian, you may want to try the email provided. If you can't physically help rid me of this menacing figure ( for God's sake, act fast, we have children in our neighborhood!) a donation to have it removed might be an option for you. Although it may be only a small start to Making America Great Again,
starting in my once tranquil neighborhood is as good as any place to begin. Consult with your tax specialist to verify if your donation is axe deductible...

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