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My Hawaii Beach House for Your San Francisco Condo

My Hawaii Beach House for Your San Francisco Condo

I have a small, but cute beach-front house in Hawaii that I'd like to vacation swap for your San Francisco condo or apartment.

Surf and sand right outside the front door--no kidding! Pick up a crab or barbecue under the palm tree while feeling the ocean lap at your feet.

This two-story beach house features beautiful tropical ocean views throughout. The lower level has a glass door and floor-to-ceiling glass windows on the side wall. The upper level has double glass doors that open to ocean-front balcony and large roof windows. You can even take in the ocean while bathing--there is a great outdoor shower under the stairs. The ultimate in indoor-outdoor living.

Built with safety and stability in mind, the house and grounds features numerous "stabilizing pegs" for sure footing. The house is also conveniently fitted with fixtures to accommodate a simple "U" shaped grasp--no articulated fingers needed!

At only 8 sq in on the lower level and 8.75 sq in on the upper level, this vacation rental is quite small but perfect for a small family or flexible individual.

Great location with friendly, welcoming locals. They are a bit plastic, but always smile.

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