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Shop truck

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For sale is our shop truck. It used to be a pretty nice truck but now it's not so great. its not so great because I have beaten on it and done zero oil changes since I bought it and because one night some buddies and I got blasted ass drunk and drove it through the field. At one point we jumped it off a deck which tore some front end components off and ripped the steering apart. The hood, grill, and steering parts were replaced and I un wrapped the other front end stuff from around the drive shaft. everything works but I am pretty sure the AC got damaged by shards of deck piercing the radiator. After that the truck has been driven around for work pretty regular and actually drove well and reliable. This was for about 3 months. Then the clutch slave cylinder broke and while trying to fix it I got really mad and drove the truck back into the field. There was mud which didn't do much harm but then there was a small pond and now I am pretty sure the engine is either hydro locked or blown. Truck is currently in the pond in the field. I am willing to drag it out of the pond for serious buyers only. Possible trade for parasail or Honda 3 wheeler.

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