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We have a very fat, adult woodchuck/groundhog that has decimated our pole bean crop and consumed, in one 24 hour period, our entire broccoli patch, leaving empty broccoli stems as a stark reminder of what might have been.

The animal has been fed organic garden vegetables all summer to date, so I guess you could say he is "organic", for the sake of those interested in organic foods. Pasture raised too, as he's been grazing on the lawn, and probably helping our pet hen (who lives in the same area) eat her organic feed. Like I said, a well fed groundhog.

We have a live-trap set this evening (Saturday) and considering the bait is watermelon, a woodchuck favorite, I'm sure we will have a woodchuck to give away Sunday morning sometime.

It is illegal to relocate wildlife in Michigan and this woodchuck needs to be dispatched humanely. Per the MA Audubon website ""It is detrimental to the well-being of wildlife as well as the public. Unknowingly, sick animals may be transported and released in other locations, causing the spread of disease. Animals released in unfamiliar territory have a hard time surviving. They must compete with resident animals, and they have difficulty finding food and shelter. Furthermore, relocation is ineffective: each time a territory opens, there is always another animal ‘waiting in the wings.’”

Not wanting the animal to be wasted, the proposition is this. If you want the animal for food purposes, you are welcome to take it, but you must be prepared to dispatch the animal (without damaging the trap or anyone/anything in the neighborhood) and take the carcase with you (you may field dress it if you'd like).

Please email if you're interested and I'll respond asap on Sunday, July 26th.

Please remember, relocating live wildlife without a permit is not only cruel but ILLEGAL in the state of Michigan.

Should you be worried that this animal may be a female with young, woodchuck young leave the burrow and disperse to find their own new homes in July.

Woodchuck recipes can be located here:




We live in the Ada/Cascade area.

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