Originally Posted: 2016-01-05 21:47 (no longer live)

Looking to pet a sheep

I recently discovered what Mutton Busting is. Basically its like bull riding but they're 7 year olds trying to hold on to a bucking sheep. I however am a 22 year old, 130 lb woman and would probably break a sheep's back and am too afraid to go bull riding.
I do something strange every new year and this year, I want to sit on a sheep. I am disappointed that I missed out on mutton busting as a child but I love animals and sheep are awesome. If anyone in Colorado owns a sheep that wouldn't bite me for petting it, I would love to just take a picture of me pretending to be sitting on its back.
I swear to you it is only that. I will literally pay you to let me take a picture pretending to be mutton busting on your pet sheep. This is my New Years Resolution and I plan to fulfill it because for some reason I think pretending to be riding a sheep is awesome.
Email me if you can offer me such happiness to fulfill this random dream.

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