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1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee 134k miles

1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee Special Edition. 5.2 V8. 134k miles. Runs great with tons of features like a non-working stereo, so you can spend quality time talking to your passenger and a non-working Ac/Heater so you can roll down your windows and enjoy the outdoors. Lights! The lights work. I think that's pretty standard amongst most cars but I thought I should mention it anyway. Small oil leak, but did I mention it runs great? If I forgot to mention that well, it runs great! I regularly drive it to and from Phoenix. I actually really don't want to sell it. It's been good to me but I'm moving to Japan and can't fit it in my suitcase (I tried). This is the perfect vehicle for riding into Valhalla, Shinny and Chrome! Witness this vehicle, make me an offer and I myself will guide you to the gates of Valhalla where you will ride eternal shiny and chrome. So, whether you are taking a leisurely drive to the Green Place or storming the Fury Road, this vehicle is perfect for you. Asking $1700 obo email me with any questions you may have.

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