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dear girls snorting coke in the bathroom - w4m

You know, I was almost interested until you emerged from the bathroom looking and behaving like you had just intravenously taken in enough red bull to cause an entire kindergarten class's heads to collectively explode.

It was funny watching you act all horny and rub up on everyone in the hopes of getting someone to either a.) buy you some more fruity mixed drinks or b.) do one better and score you more coke... The latter of which being super out there, seeing as how you had a seemingly never-ending supply of it.

Still, it was insanely cute to watch the two of you drag yourselves to the bathroom, emerge victorious filled with energy, only to get winded moments later and slump back to the shitter in order to repeat the process.

I'm kind of curious what kind of stress your heart is under, and I'm wondering if you'll be back. My friend and I are taking bets on which one of you is going to get the pacemaker first.

So in case you were curious, YES, we totally WERE checking you out... but not because we were into it, mostly our interest was in the comical styling of your numerous binges, and the 'stealth-like' way in which you 'hid' your drug use from everyone else.

If you're reading this coke girls, do you seriously think nobody has a clue as to what you are up to?

Get at me.

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