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Well here we are another year 2009 ahhhhhhhh

Well what I have for sale is a life of Debt, illusions and bill collectors

I think for 1,000,000 I’ll let it go. The price will include a complete 20,000 equipment only fabrication shop a beautiful house in the country 3,500 sqft 30 x 40 barn 13 acres ahhh the American dream!!!!!! It will also buy you 12 useless employees 4 large break even contracts and a business name that has become completely ruined because CORPORATE AMERICA SUCKS DICK. I have however made it 5 years so I guess I beat the statistic.

If you don’t want to buy the dream that’s fine I’m just going to FUCK everybody Like I got fucked. Bankruptcy FUCKERS

Chrysler financial, you can have my diesel truck back, that’s 20,000 over mileage and smashed because I just hit a deer. I looked cool in it for a while, but I just bought a 95 S-10 cash and I love it. So stop calling me five times a day and come get the piece of shit.

Btw, how do you expect people to pay your late charges if they can’t even make the regular payment? Also if you called me on Tuesday I bet my situation won’t be any different Wednesday. Bastards. Fuck you I’m going to hide it

American express I was a good customer to you. Once I was 10 days late you canceled my card. You will never get your money. Bastards

53rd I would really like to keep my camper but if you insist on coming to get it because I’m 45 days late come and get it. I’ve got a fucking tent. Chryslers going to take my fucking truck and I’m sure my S-10 won’t pull it. Bring a fucking shovel because there’s 8 feet of snow pushed in front of it because all it fucking does is snow around here.

Speaking of snow got some snowmobiles, there going back to! I loved riding them but I financed them to pay the 12 useless employees to work on the 4 large break even contracts I have. Behind on them same story come and get em bastards

The only thing in my life I won’t sell is my 4 year old daughter (she is a keeper). My very sexy supportive wife and the dog. You can have the rest of the illusion.

Material bull shit.
We learned our lesson.

Love to tell you more but I’ve got to search for a job so I can pay taxes to support all the Bailout money we gave the people that are going to repo my shit and put America in this situation. I wonder what I’ll be paid with food.

Don’t think the dollar illusion can go on much longer.

Keep the faith protect your kids. Your family is all that matters

A Broke Michigan resident

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