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To the people that gave me Nelly 8 years ago

Good Morning!

In 2007, my dog Liddy had been killed after being hit by a car. My lease at the time said "one black dog" so I went to Craigslist to find one black dog. A couple that lived in or around Brighton was giving away a Black Lab/Shepard mix named Nelly because she had developed food aggression issue to other dogs. I loved her and took her home that day. I was young and dumb and irresponsible, but you trusted me enough to let me take her.

I just wanted to share that she is now 14 years old, and still the sweetest, most amazing companion I have ever had. She has traveled the country with me, hiked mountains with me, lived in Arizona, Colorado and Wyoming. She still jumps up when I come in the door and can't wait for car rides. She's not needed a leash in years (but will run right up to me if I need to put one on her). She's been a gift, a blessing, a best friend.

She's starting to lose her sight, and she's got arthritis in her back legs. She needs helps getting in the car every once in a while and I know she won't be with me much longer. And there won't be a day for the rest of my life that I won't miss her. So I don't know who you are or where you ended up, but I wanted to make sure that I said thank you. Thank you for the gift you gave me. Thank you for my best friend.

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