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Well ok, I really didn't know where to post this, but I figure everyone reads these, so why not here:

I have a serious serious serious mouse infestation. I saw a herd (correct terminology? - pack maybe?) of mice cross my living room last week. So you know, I went out and bought two different kinds of mouse traps.

Well it turns out we have smart mice, that know how to remove peanut butter from a mouse trap without dying. I think they laughed at the traps we put out. They are not afraid of us. They join us for dinner, watch while we cook, and I think they really like our TV - seeing as how they always run from couch to couch while we are in there. (on said couches)

In the last 15 hours my roommates and I have probably seen 15-20 mice, we even saw one jump straight up about 1 1/2 feet into this tiny ass crack next to our dishwasher.

Did you know that a mouse can "Can jump from a standing position up to 12 inches from the floor; can jump from a running start up to 38 inches, can use vertical surfaces as a spring board to gain additional height, and can jump downward 8 feet to the floor"

He was motivated though, seeing us armed with golf clubs... Wouldn't you know that tiny ass crack leads to a gaping hole under our sink - AKA MOUSE LAIR

We have established this is their primary gateway into our world. The mouse traps have been repositioned appropriately. Yet we have no dead mice. They laugh at our meager attempts to stop their inevitable takeover. These are smart little bastards.

My roommates and I were all happy that our bedrooms were upstairs - ha! yeah right, we only saw 5 mice upstairs in our bedrooms, this morning!

So anyway, our landlord feels that poison will take care of our infestation, we however feel the situation is a little more drastic. I mean do you like going to sleep listening to mice and waking up seeing mice?? I am only eating canned food until we fix our problem. Seriously I bet these guys eat poison for snacks.

Anyway, that is why we have a missed a connectio with your cat. I need to borrow/babysit/whatever your cat. I prefer cats that like to eat mice, at all times. So you know if you are going on vacation and need a catsitter, I am your girl!
Your girlfriend got some annoying ass new furball you really just want out of the house for a few days a week so she will pet you instead of her new cat, I am your girl!
You want your cat to feel loved while you are at work, I will stay home and pay him the attention he deserves - free cat daysitting!
You need to de-fur your house, send your cat to me! I will love and pet and take care of your cat while it de-mouses my house. Your cat will return to you happy and full of my mice. I will pay for his food during his stay (although who are we kidding, I already have plenty, as long as he likes mouse flavor)

So come on come all with your cats for free cat sitting/borrowing!!

If you have any other ideas for my quest of mouse-death-apoolza-2007 please let me know as I am open to any options. Hell if you have a dog that likes mice I will even babysit your dog! or snake (non-poisonous only please) or whatever you have that eats/kills/destroys/obliterates mice. I will try an exterminator if I have to, but I feel they are better options - although time is running out, they may take over soon.

I'm scared

One more thing, my roommates and I have considered setting up a bb gun shooting range in our house to help the problem. So if you own a bb gun and think you can shoot a fast grey mouse that can jump 38inches feel free to come over and release some stress - if you kill three mice admission is free, otherwise the charge is one 6-pack of decent beer.

Please help us before our entire house becomes the 'mouse lair'

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