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This is how it goes...

Whether by reading about Craigslist in a news story, or a friend mentioning it to you or some other way, you discover Craigslist. It seems OK, strangely retro looking, the web circa 1995 at best. But it looks like it might be quite good. Perhaps you are looking to buy something and you check out some of the ads. You may even be stupid enough to try and sell something through CL. Likely you will spot the personals section. Whether you're single or not, who can resist the allure of browsing through that sort of thing? Some of them even have pictures. You notice Casual Encounters...OMG...that would be great. You mean I could just post that I want a bimbo dwarf with an oral and spanking fixation et voila...my inbox is flooded with loose-moralled candidates prepared to go at it in parking garages and Target restrooms from all over Colorado?

But then your true downfall. You notice the Rants and Raves section. You start reading. Holy shit. What is wrong with these people? They are certifiably insane. But you can't stop reading. Sometimes you come across a complete anomaly -- a coherent post, proper spelling and grammar, a sane moderate output, a well argued point. Encouraged you hunt for more, exposing yourself to greater and greater quantities of the depraved and insane postings that form the bulk of this section. Your tolerance for it increases, and you charge forth faster and faster. You dream of rakes, Subarus, men who shave their balls, asses, girls who wax their cunts. People who love Jesus. People who hate Jesus. People who love Mexicans, hate Mexicans, even ARE Mexicans. This is no longer casual browsing to pass the time...you're addicted.

And before you know it the REAL trouble starts. You come across a post so inane, so ridiculous and yet seemingly lucid that asserts some claim that makes your blood boil. How the fuck could they think that? you ask yourself. I'll show those fuckers. I'm funny, articulate...I know what I'll do. I'll POST!

Then starts obsessive refresh syndrome. Refresh. Refresh. Refresh on your browser. Has my post shown up yet? Has anyone answered? Didn't they all agree with me and think my wit was biting and incisive? Did the OP retort with some half-baked nonsense I need to refute? OMG they did. I'll post again. Teach that fucker. And you do. And you even find out that F5 is the keyboard shortcut for refreshing the browser. No longer do your hands need to leave the keyboard. You can just hit F5, F5, F5 until it shows up. And then the replies. And you can't stop. Can't let the bastards win. Must. Post. More...

And then, if you're not careful, you end up with a moniker.

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