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If craigslist was a concert, I would shell out the $75 to see it at Red Rocks.

If craigslist was a t-shirt with all the postings on it changing constantly, I'd wear it until it was sweaty, smelly, and threadbare.

If craigslist was my girlfriend, I would serenade her under her window, shower her in flowers, and write epic, incomprehensible odes to her intelligent beauty.

If craigslist was a means of transportation I would sell my Volvo and my bus pass and my bicycle and even my shoes so that I could use CL exclusively to get around.

If craigslist was a book, I would keep a copy at both of my jobs, one at home, and one at my best friend's house.

If craigslist was a movie (and it will be soon, right?) I would want to see it at the IMAX, pay the $11.50, and hope it never rolls to the credits.

If craigslist was a cable channel, I would swallow my pride and purchase whatever cable package it came on, and buy a TV.

And if craigslist was a drug... I would need rehab (you know, after my binges... so that I could continue to function in the world).

As it is, craigslist is free and online. And it's mundane, banal, funny, tragic, normal, queer, intense, boring, socially concious, and socially ignorant. As it is: I read. I observe. I post.

We (you and me and the thousands of other users) make a concious decision to be a part of it. To find love, to make love, to rent an apartment, to communicate, to sell a murderous goldfish, to narrow the gap between Denver and Boulder, to discover the inane... and redefine our culture through the individual.

What can I say? I'm addicted. Everyone knows I love you, craigslist.

another gay female CU student

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