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you gave me a bj at the buckethead show tonight - m4w

i was rocking out to buckethead, i noticed you were too. you got to grinding on me, seemed out of place, but then we went out and started making out and one thing lead to another...
afterwords you gave me your number but then asked "so whats your moms name?"
"excuse me?"
"your Moms name"
at this point i had already deleted you from my phonebook because i realized that you were fucking weird, but in a good way, i'm pretty sure you were high.

Me:that dude that had his penis in your mouth
You:crazy cute hippy chick with cool hat and hair that smelled like cinnamon rolls.

i wouldn't say this is a missed connection so much as a confusing encounter.
i didn't get your name and don't have your number anymore so hit me up sometime mmkay?

btw, i thought you were super cute the way you looked kind of shocked/in awe/scared when you saw "me". i know, its an impressive piece of work, not to be cocky (pun intended).

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