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Soldiers in a volunteer Army and other political rants

All right, break it the fuck up. I'm so goddamn tired of this "they all volunteered" bullshit. It may be true, but there are, as usual, other things to consider here. As usual, nobody's bringing them up, just shrieking "No, I'M right!" "No, I'M right!" at each other like cracked-out banshees.

FYI, a whole lot of them probably signed up either right after 9/11, when we had a real reason to go whoop some ass (I tried to re-enlist, but they broke me the first time around and wouldn't take me back - and yeah, I'm a female, just to further blow your minds, from a well-to-do area at that), or they were in the Reserves, the purpose of which is use in a desperate national emergency, not overrunning a sovereign nation for no legitimate reason. There's a difference, dittoheads.

Now you've got all these people over there - and I talk to a great many of them and their spouses online - who are appalled at the fact that they're fighting an unethical war that we shouldn't even be IN, and they're doing so with insufficient armor and other supplies, well over a year after the story first broke. Halliburton is making a fucking fortune off of tax money paying them to furnish hellishly bad facilities for the troops, so that's not about to change as long as Cheney can still croak out orders. They're being told "Yeah, your enlistment period is up...so?" and being kept on, months and years after they should have been home.

Also, for some reason, earlier in 2004 we signed a pact with Canada saying they'd return our draft dodgers to us. Very odd as we aren't going to have a draft, but I digress, and for the love of god, don't start with that argument; only time will tell.

People that got out are being called back, in many cases, using the kind of shady logic and loopholes that CEOs regularly employ to fuck over their employees (Enron; WorldCom; US Army). Somehow, this does not surprise me, what with our current McGovernment: buy the people, fuck the people (tm).

You've got guys who are so badly fucked up, like my friend's husband, that he needs his spine operated on or he'll end up in a wheelchair, and instead, they're sending him back for his FIFTH FUCKING TOUR. I don't know how the hell he's going to survive, being in a combat MOS and half-crippled. I've completely lost track of one friend of mine who needed surgery and got deployed instead; emails go unanswered, and I don't know where the hell his family is, so I can't contact them to find out if he's dead or alive. And so on, and so forth.

To add insult to injury, one senator noticed that the VA budget had somehow gone underfunded by a cool billion dollars, and tried to get a resolution passed to rectify the situation. Result: Blocked by, guess who, Republicans. So now, you've got VA hospitals closing all over the country, service members coming back all fucked up from, among other things, depleted uranium ammunition, and they can't even get treatment. New applicants to the VA medical program are now required to pay $250/year, regardless if their condition is service-related or not. It almost always is, for the record, and a lot of these people are now unable to work and cannot afford that price. Do you hear about this on the news? Oh FUCK no! It might be on page 57 of the classifieds. Maybe.

What a great fucking country, and yeah, they volunteered, but most of them would not have if they'd known in advance that we'd be invading Iraq for spurious reasons and lies, that they'd be getting so screwed over while there, and further screwed once they got out. I am not going to debate our real reason for being there with any of you Fox-News-Watching Knee-Jerk-Response Neanderthals, either, so keep it to yourself. Try looking at newsfeeds from other countries if you REALLY want to know what's going on for a change. To confirm everything I've said so far, check military.com, I trust that will not be immediately denigrated as being part of the non-existent Liberal Media.

For you liberals out there, word, and check out smirkingchimp.com for some insightful and informative political reading. Fuck Fox News, and fuck everyone who is all gung-ho for this war, waves flags, has a fucking magnet supporting the troops on their vehicle (I don't even own a vehicle, so kiss my ass before starting that lame-ass argument with me) and who can't be fucking bothered to contribute to a care package drive for the troops when your coworker starts one, or send one themselves. If you want to support the troops, send them some fucking Kevlar. Till you do, shut the fuck up.

Last but not least: If you were never in the military, SHUT THE FUCK UP about them being "volunteers" or the rightness of this war. Frankly, you don't know what the fuck you're talking about, you civilians, and I say that with all possible scorn.

Oh yeah, and before the shit-slinging starts:
1. I am not a fag. Indeed, cannot be, lacking the requisite equipment. I could, however, possibly be called a fag in a woman's body. I'm not a lesbian either, although many interesting attempts have been made to get me to change teams, and after seeing the m4w ads for Dallas, I really fucking wish I could.
2. I am not ugly. I am also not posting a pic because I don't feel like having some Bushite pop a cap in my ass out of nowhere while I'm minding my own business because they recognized me someplace.
3. I am fat. Meaning, am bigger around than a broomstick. Have fun with that.
4. I'm not stupid. The very fact that I can, and do, construct coherent sentences, present arguments in a logical manner with facts to back them up and sources to back up my facts, and I can spell, a feat which is apparently utterly beyond the talents of a great many people here, should attest to that. I admit to a slight tendency to run-on sentences. Go on, insult me with that.
5. I can, and do, get laid, with amazing frequency and creativity. I also stick with one guy. If I have to get a new guy, he doesn't get anything at all, not even oral, till we get tested, so I am also disease-free.
6. I am gainfully employed, not a welfare slacker or reliant on my husband.
7. I am not a redneck. Oh my god, I'm worse. I'm a damn Yankee. Grew up in the northern suburbs of Chicago. By the way, downtown Dallas sucks worse than any other downtown of any city I've ever been in, and damn, that's saying something.
8. I speak 3 languages, 2 of them very badly but I do speak them, and have lived overseas as a civilian, so Canadian dude, put a sock in it. Hell, use several, it's fucking cold up there.
9. I have a college degree. Paid for it myself. I am "edjoomicated", not "iggnerrant".
10. I'm not racist or anything else ending with -ist, except for misanthropist - I pretty much hate everyone equally.

Did I miss any of the usual mud-slinging insults? If I did, my abject apologies, I normally skip those posts since they're all so mind-numbingly alike/boring.

Over and out.

~ Abra

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