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Buy my boyfriend's creepy ex-wife's engagement ring

When my boyfriend made a huge mistake and asked his creepy ex-wife to marry him, he gave her a lovely ring with a synthetic stone (they were broke).

He told her they'd replace the diamond on their fifth anniversary, but that wasn't good enough for the creepy ex-wife. She told everyone who admired it that it was fake, and that she couldn't believe her fiance got her a fake rock.

What a bitch.

So she secretly started shopping around for a diamond. When she found one sufficiently out of their means, she insisted that they buy it. To shut up her shrill, creepy shrieks, my boyfriend agreed. They couldn't qualify for a big enough line of credit for the creepy ex-wife's ring, so the creepy ex-wife's creepy mother cosigned for it.

My boyfriend eventually wised up and left the creepy ex-wife, but now he's stuck with this ring (that she so magnanimously gave back, not wanting to be stuck with the payments and the 25 percent interest rate).

Sometimes the creepy ex-mother-in-law complains about having the loan still on her credit report. Well, you should have thought of that before you co-signed for a ring for your creepy daughter, you bitch.

I don't want the ring. It has creepy associations, and anyway, I think buying expensive engagement jewelry is stupid. (No offense, Pumpkin. It wasn't your fault.)

But it would be perfect for YOU! Don't tell your future fiancee it's a divorce ring. Just show her the appraisal papers. She'll squeal with delight and throw you on the bed and ravish you right then and there.

This stupid ring cost $7,000 on sale when my boyfriend's creepy ex-wife insisted on buying it.

It's appraised at over $10,000. We have the European Gemological Labrotory (EGL) report. Details are at the bottom of the ad.

We still owe $5,500 and that's exactly what we'd like to get for it. I want it out of our lives and off our credit. If you can't afford that, make an offer anyway. Its creepy presence is pissing me off.

E-mail us for more information at the above address.

And before you give it to her, make sure your bride-to-be isn't creepy!

P.S. If you don't want the creepy ex-wife's ring, then click on "best of craigslist" up there so maybe lots of people will see this and perhaps buy the creepy ex-wife's ring.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

The setting is a size 7 (but can be easily resized) in yellow gold.
Shape: Round Brilliant
Meas: 7.53-7.45 x 4.45 mm
Weight: 1.54
Symmetry: Good
Clarity: I1
Color: F
Depth: 69.40%
Table: 67.00%
Girdle: Thin to medium faceted
Culet: None
Polish: Good
Flourescence: None
Appraisal: Nov. 6, 2001 for $10,790

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