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Free Toilet Box - Terrify Children on Christmas

Just installed a new toilet, big sturdy box left. Would be great for moving, but better to put your child's Christmas present inside.

Imagine the excitement building with such a huge gift waiting under the tree, only to see it dashed when they rip off the paper and a photo of a potty is on the front.

"We got you a new potty!" you'll exclaim.

Watch their crestfallen face as they try to figure out if this is a trick.

Carry on as long as you like until actually opening the box and revealing their real present. You can't buy memories and trauma like that.

Box measures 32x27x17. First come first served. I'll attempt to take the ad down as soon as the box is gone, but I'm busy thinking up ways to terrorize my own kids.

Merry Christmas!

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