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Greatest mac 'n cheese EVA - w4m

After 8 years of paying all the bills while we lived together, after helping you get off meth (twice), after you coerced me into having an abortion because you "weren't in a place to be a father yet," after you swore we'd get married once we bought a house, after you said no to every single house I suggested (after I did all the work to scout them, view them, and tell you about them because you were "too busy" lying in bed), after you finally got a job (and after you bitched and pouted when I asked for rent money), after you stopped coming home (again), after you started drinking with friends from work every night, after you were at your female coworkers apartment at 3 a.m. when I TOLD you I'd be home from the Wendy Davis rally by then, after you didn't marry me, after you broke my heart by telling me it was MY fault (...MY fucking fault?!?!) that you "fucking hate" your life (FUCK YOU by the way),

after I finally got the courage to tell you to leave,

...I finally found it. The perfect macaroni and cheese. It's amazing. It's decadent and cheesy with subtle woody, earthy notes.

So, that quest we were on together? I completed it on my own.

And I will NEVER, EVER tell you where it is. Fuck you.
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