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Bird House and Bee Hive

Free to anyone who will come and take them:
A nice custom handcrafted bird house that has been occupied by a few different tenants over the seasons, not currently an avairy residence but an apiary one; which leads to the second item offered, a fully functioning bee hive, queen and drones included along with undoubtedly fresh straight from the comb honey.
These items are not offered seprately but as a package.
Want just the hive? Get a free birdhouse.
The two should not beE difficult to remove from their current location for any experienced or daring individuals. These bees have not shown any agressive tendancies; they seem approachable for observation or photography, and do not mind yard work that happens close by. The birdhouse (beehouse?) is located in the corner of my yard about five feet from the ground attached to a telephone pole with two ordinary phillips head screws (included of course!).

Please contact me with any questions.

  • Location: Arlington
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