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Open letter to people selling old TVs

Hey you, yeah you, the guy selling his old tube or projection TV. Can we chat? I want to introduce you to a couple of my friends.

First meet my friend Chuck Obsolescence. He's the guy who tells me that your stuff is out of date and not worth even 10% of what you paid for it 5 years ago. You probably don't even have HDMI.

Next, you should get to know one of the best guys, he goes by the nickname "The Economy is in the toilet, so people are selling stuff cheap to just get cash." He brings a spirit of truth to the party and makes people fell impulsive.

Just a quick phone call away is my pal Johnny Walmart. I called him up and he's selling a brand new 50" PLAMSA TV for $898, and 40" LCDs for $475. That makes me wonder who's smoking crack when they're trying to sell a 10 year old 32" Sony WEGA TUBE TV for $500 or a massive upright-piano-sized rear-projection set for $600. Those bulbs only last so long, it might not even make the trip home without breaking.

Please note that old TVs should be kept in the $50 to $100 range. If they're not working, NO ONE will pay $200 and then another $400 to try to fix it, I'll come haul it away for $200 if you want though. The cost of brand-new TVs gets lower and lower everyday, eventually a good 40" LCD will be like $350 new and a used one will be like $125.

Thanks, I'm glad we had this chat.

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