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Dear aquarium sellers...

Contrary to popular belief there is no shortage of 55 gallon freshwater tanks.

In fact, at Walmart you can buy a complete 55 gallon setup minus fish and gravel (and a few decorations) for around 90.00, add some fish and gravel a few decorations, and you pay around 130.00.

For a BRAND NEW tank.

At Petco, or Petsmart the same tank is around 150.00, so with fish and gravel 180.00.

So explain how your used tank, with the same items, is worth 350.00? 500.00? Are you on crack?

No one cares what you paid for it, I paid 42k for my pickup 5 years ago, you think I am getting 42k for it back? You think anyone goes out, buys something, uses it for a few years, then can sell it for what they paid for it new? Are you smoking something?

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