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favorite this post centaur level rarer than unicorn BS!!!!! hide this posting unhide

All of the personal ads are being flagged in calgary, almost all. its indiscriminate and probably a drunk smelly pirate hooker trying to stop people in calgary from boinking. that or its jehovahs witness mormons... It would be nice if they couldnt be so easily flagged without reason. then all these grognards wouldnt flag the ever-living feces out of personal ads. Al gore should have made the internet better... AND I ALMOST COULD HAVE MADE IT WITH AN AFRICAN AMERICAN CHICK INTO FACIAL HAIR!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW RARE THAT IS!? SHE WANTED A WHITE GUY WITH A BEARD FOR ONGOING CASUAL ENCOUNTERS!!! THATS RARER THAN A F'N UNICORN! THATS LIKE PEGASUS SHIT! THATS LIKE CENTAUR GRADE MYTHICAL BEAST NONSENSE!!! I COULD HAVE DONE THAT SOOOOOOOO MUUUUUUCCCCHHHHH....

Anyways its shitty and I cant find the ad and everything is ruined. I'm so distraught right now I might just go play Skyrim and fap.. and fap and fap and fap.

And if that sexy classy lady reads this I would totally want to hook you up with some nicely sculpted beard lovin... serious like not duck dynasty but like most intersting man in the world but as a young guy with raging hormones and built like a 6'5" firetruck... not fireman but a mothertruckin fire truck!

And I'm supersmart and funny and charming and a great conversationalist... and humble as all hell! I'm so laid back and on the ball it's shidiculous. And I invent words!

And whether or not you are that special lady I would like to offer all the ladies of this great country pretty much the same offer. and I'm not trying to make money off this venture... nay nay... I work pro boner
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