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favorite this post Apple Store guy... IT ALL WORKED OUT! - m4m

I didn't log back into craigslist until just now. Yikes! There was a lot of discussion about what happened. Let me clear some things up first. I think someone might have posted a photo of someone else pretending to be me. But it's gone now and it makes the time-line confusing.

1) No, it was not someone you "gave your business card to and asked to dinner." It was a customer at the Apple store. Get you own fuckin' date.

2) It was a man. I am gay and I wrote the message because he is gay. I know another gay man when I see one... sometimes. I have no idea how this got turned into "where is she again?" First of all, the original post was "Cute guy in Michigan Ave. Apple store." So if your brain is so small that you cannot even take the time to search and read the original message, cannot figure out that it's a guy and the location, and you think that only male and female couples should exsist, then piss off.

3) How would I have sent him an instant message? He was not using ichat, he was looking at the missed connections. Plus, I don't have the screennames of each computer in the store cataloged in my head. If he was using his personal screenname, maybe I should have asked him what it is so I could send him a message.

4) Not only was the "Mavis Beacon" joke funny. I was seriously fucking thinking of that bitch when I was typing the original post. I'm not kidding. I had in the back of my head "I need to see if that Mavis Beacon software is still around.

OK, here's what happened:
He ran away scared.

Not really, we spent the whole day together:
The message didn't get posted in time. :( So I waited until it did and walked up to him and said "Someone just posted a message about you on Craigslist Missed Connections." His reply was "you're joking!" But when he turned around I could tell we were bound to be together forever... Or an hour. The chemistry was thick. I said "I'm pretty sure it was about you and it just popped up a minute ago, maybe someone in here likes you. Anyway I just thought you should know, I'm going across the street to wait for someone who might show up for coffee. Take it easy."

So I went to CorporateCoffeeHaus and waited. Well, four minutes and fifteen seconds later he came in there with a big smile and told me that was the cutest, funnies way to meet someone. Naturally, I agreed. He was in the Apple Store to buy a Powerbook and a new iPod. He had left his iPod in a cab and was looking in the CL lost and found to see if anyone had found it. Then realized no one with half a brain would return someone's iPod. In addition, he was looking at the Missed Connection ads because someone had told him about a funny post about some drugged up kid dancing in front of Hydrate after pride.

We were almost all over each other in the coffe shop; Our legs touching under the tabe, flirting. Holding hands a little, and I was still trying to get close enough to feel his warmth. We went back to Apple and played on machines and he bought what he needed. Then... we hopped back in a cab to take them back to HIS PLACE (the plot thickens). And, to charge them up.

Now here's the thing. I've met guys. I've met guys and slept with a few right away. But in the first two hours of being with Geoff (that's his name, Geoff, btw) we "hit it off."

So when we got to his place I said "it's not a good idea for me to come upstairs, and I think we both know why. He agreed. And when I said "we both know why" that's code for "who knows what either of us picked up at pride?" and "I didn't shower nearly long enough to bottom for you."

Before he went up stairs he recommended we go on a bike ride. So he grabbed his bike and the bike of his friend, who was at work but went to her apartment to grab her bike lock key and helmet.

We rode to Hyde Park and went to eat. Then we went to promontory point and sat in the shade and talked. We sat close and kissed a little, and we talked about:
Lance Armstrong and that little french race he wins a lot
Dogs rule
Cats suck (we are both allergic)
eBay addiction
Our insane mothers
Our fathers who are always there when we need them (hats off to fathers)
Our families

Then at some point we both fell asleep for either 10 minutes or an hour. I have no idea how long it was.

After deciding it was late and we need to get back to our neck of the woods. We rode home and pretended to chase down the road bikers, as if we could catch some of those S.O.B's.

We got back to his place and he asked if I wanted to watch a show he recorded from Discovery called "The Science of Lance Armstrong." I said "Yes."

So he called the friend of whom he borrowed the bike. And told her basically, "I met a guy and we'll tell you the story." Then told her that we're going to watch a show he recorded and he wanted her to come over and be there the whole time so we don't accidentally screw the hell out of each other and then don't call the next day. That was a great plan because she came over and said "I need to be in bed by midnight and that's when I'll walk you outside."

The show was great. His friend is great. He's great. I'm swooning, but realistically. We have a date tomorrow.

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