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Learn to impersonate Tom Cruise!

Would you like to wow friends and family with your uncanny Tom Cruise impersonation?

Now you can learn how to be Tom Cruise, in just one afternoon! A PROFESSIONAL Tom Cruise impersonator is developing a one-hour crash course where you can learn to do YOUR OWN impression of the TOP GUN star. He needs "beta testers" who are eager to learn the tricks of the Tom-Cruise-impersonator trade.

ALL genders/body types/ethnicities are welcome. You don't have to look like Tom!

The class will be filmed for review. Participants will be given footage for their participation in this trial run of the "Learn To Be Tom Cruise" session.

Please reply with the following:

Email address
Phone number (and best times to reach you)
AND a sentence or two about why you want to BE LIKE TOM CRUISE!

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