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Seeking Rare Pepe Trader - Third Roommate / Apt Wanted

Hello peeps,

My roommate and I are breaking up with our old spot (It's us, not them) and have decided to start anew in the Wicker Park/Bucktown/Humboldt Park area. But...we have yet to find a place.

We're searching for a third person to join in our quest so that we can find our grail. We're not too concerned about locating a new spot, we just need someone else to cement the plans (so we know what we're looking for).

A little bit about us:

We're both relatively outgoing people, and very easy to get along with. We're both audio engineers, so we like music (and everything that involves it). We enjoy technology and video games, and spend a lot of time loafing about. We both work and one of us is still in school. We also have a cat, but she thinks she's a dog.

We are very open-minded people, so it doesn't matter what your gender, sexuality, ethnicity, or religion is. Cleanliness is recommended, as we are (relatively) clean people. Hopefully you share our general interests, as it consists of 80% of our conversations, but we always enjoy experiencing/learning about new things, so long as you're willing to show us.

Hit us up if you're interested! We'd love to meet up and see what we can do.

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