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Highly unique living situation in beautiful apt avail May 1

I realize this is a bit early to be posting for a roommate, but as I stated, this is a very unique living arrangement that requires a certain type of person. That said, let's jump to it and lay out all the cards, then we can move on to the apartment, which is fantastic and you will no doubt love.

First, I have two pot belly pigs who will be an unavoidable part of your life. They are intelligent, sweet, and adorable, but they also behave like pigs and so anyone who lives here must understand how to interact with them properly. That I can teach you, but it requires a certain degree of confidence around animals. Franklin, the oldest, will bully you-they are herd animals and while I am ultimately alpha, he feels the need to climb the hierarchy. If you live here, logically you are in his herd, therefore he will challenge you every so often to establish who is where in the hierarchy. He can also be very sweet and cuddle with you on the couch while you watch your favorite show. The other one is an absolute sweetheart and will probably never challenge you. We can discuss the pig topic further.

Second, I work from home as a massage therapist. This is an awesome perk for you because in exchange for my use of a little extra space, you can get some free body work. Because I work from home, the apartment must always be presentable. Weekly chores are divided among the three roommates and I also often clean up during the week prior to sessions. This is a great arrangement for someone who appreciates a clean environment. Despite stereotypes, the pigs are actually very clean and I take full responsibility for any messes they create. The other aspect of me working from home is the need to have respectful roommates. Please don't blast music or have loud sex when I have a session. The massage area is not entirely private, but it is separated by curtains and happens to be centrally located, which means just be respectfully quiet walking through. You definitely won't be restricted from watching tv, showering, cooking, etc, just don't stomp through the apartment shouting on your phone. I am in a doctoral program and I have class 5 nights a week, so I try to take clients during the day on weekdays, but it often works out that my weekends are busiest. Typically, I am working Saturday morning until late afternoon and then I take the evening off, and then Sunday morning to late afternoon and then I have out calls. Every couple of weeks (on Saturday night), I have massage meet ups to exchange work and learn with other massage therapists.

Hopefully you haven't been scared off. I just need to emphasize how unique the living situation will be. We don't have wild parties here, if you party on the weekends, you must do so elsewhere. I don't care if you bring friends over as long as they are respectful, or if you bring home dates and have wild, crazy sex all night. Go for it, just no audible sex during sessions. We have a dry erase board where bills and my appointment times are written so roommates are informed. The bills are all in my name and they come out of my bank account automatically so they are paid on time. It is important that you be mature enough to pay bills on time.

Vegans/vegetarians welcome. I don't eat pork, but I subscribe to a Paleolithic diet so I eat a lot of protein. The other roommate eats pork and other meats. No indoor smoking. No heavy drinkers or drug users. 420 is fine, but you can't do it in the apartment during my business hours. Dogs are not allowed, and we would like no cats as some of my clients have allergies. The roommate who will be moving out got an internship at a farm sanctuary, she's not moving because of the living situation. However, you are welcome to speak with her about it so you have her perspective. In terms of roommates, gender, sexual orientation, race, etc don't matter. We do ask that you have experience living with people who are not your parents. We'd also prefer someone who has a stable career and activities outside of the apartment. I say that because I've lived with people who holed themselves up in the bedroom, not showering for days and wallowing in self pity. No pity partiers, misanthropes, animal haters, slobs, passive aggressive communicators, or folks who exude negative energy. All positive, ambitious, friendly faces here. Also, it is absolutely required that we meet you and you meet us and the pigs. This is non-negotiable. No scammers willing to pay three months ahead or some BS-don't even bother.

Current roommates (beside the pigs) I am 29, lesbian, in school full time, easy going, clean, responsible, stay active and bike year round. The other roommate is 23, female, finishing up a degree in journalism, loves to cook and bake, easy to get along with and is often very busy. The latter roommate will also be moving out at some point, but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

The apartment:
Available May 1, 1600 sq ft, on second flr, fully furnished except for your bedroom, 1.5 bathrooms, half bath off your bedroom, your bedroom is in back of apartment and is most private of three bedrooms, coin laundry in basement, fenced in back yard, street parking, 2 blocks from California blue line which connects directly to o'hare, highway nearby, walking distance from great restaurants and coffee shops, a fantastic convenience store around the corner, shopping plaza and gym 1.5 miles away, apartment manager on premises, garden in back yard, locked building, dishwasher that we never use, there is probably more that I am forgetting. I'll add more as I think of it. Rent is $1300 total, split three ways it is $433 and utilities and internet rarely exceed $100 each in the worst months.

I will add more as it occurs to me, but if you are interested so far, please don't hesitate to email me! You can also ask the current roommate and the one moving out about the living arrangement (I.e. the pigs and my business).

Thanks for reading!

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