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I have a headache and I have been lying here for about 3 hours thinking. And forgetting to take aspirin.

Here's the thing. I've been back and forth on this but I think I have landed in one firm spot, and that is that I definitely, without a doubt want a boyfriend. The weather recently, the time of year, the state of the world, I don't know what it is but now is just not the time to be waking up alone in the morning- is it just me? I guess I've decided life is too short. There's always a credential to be gotten, a financial situation to straighten out, 5 pounds of muscle/fat to be lost or gained, you get the idea. I know perfection is not a requirement of mine, by any means, so Mssr. Perfectly Imperfect would probably love me as much degree-less, broke and soft as much as he would otherwise.

So there you go.

I'll tell you who you are before I tell you who I am, so that you will know it is you as you are reading this and won't have to wonder "Could I possibly be what this stone cold fox is looking for?" Here are a few things about you. 1. You hate dating, and definitely prefer to have a girlfriend. 2. You are very smart. 3. You've figured out that being a good, kind, honest person feels a lot better than being a liar or a cheater. You hold yourself to a high standard of behavior not because of what other people think, but because you've figured out that you ultimately answer to yourself... no one else.

That last one might seem weird. If it doesn't, then you're the kind of person I'm holding out for.

Okay, so, about me: I can be sort of serious when I have a headache and wish there were someone snoring (very quietly) in bed next to me. I really like to have a fan blowing in the room I am in when I'm sleeping. I love flowers. I don't really watch tv except for cnn/msnbc etc. because I feel very weird if I don't know what's going on on the other side of the country/globe. I'm in school and probably will be for a long time... i've got many many many positive qualities but I'm more of the "don't tell me, show me" variety. I'd almost say I'm completely happy, but it wouldn't be true. I'm not sure I even believe people who say they're happy without someone around to snuggle. Maybe it's just semantics. If it is, then I'm happy. I'm definitely constantly thinking (especially after reading the paper) "how the hell did I get so lucky?" I love: sushi, singing, loooooong walks by myself at night, kissing, and... writing. :)

Ideally this is what would happen.

You write to me now as i sit and anxiously await emails from super-cool guys.

You charm me with your sincerity and witty turns of phrase. By the way if you know where i can score a really cool pair of purple shoes like that let me know.

We meet. You are a 6'9 tall basket ball player. Or

We meet and you are a 5'1 tall West African pygmy (with bouquet of peonies) or more likely

We meet and you are this totally adorable average American.

We kiss (I love baseball hat guys)

We scare my cat

You meet my mom and stepfather

We go to IKEA


Note: I am insanely busy for the next two weeks, but I'll have access to my email all the time. Just won't be able to actually meet anyone til after that. So if you're looking to trade two emails and then meet, it's not gonna happen.

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