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favorite this post To the 18 women I met today, are you one of them?

I started my day off walking down Kimball and there you were:

1. The sassy Latino woman with the shapely figure waiting for the bus, I wasn't looking where I was going and I almost knocked you into the street. I apologized and you smiled. The way you grabbed my arm was sweet yet sensual.

2. The CTA bus driver on the 77 bus. I love a woman in uniform...lunch maybe?

3. The art school hottie at the Logan Square el station. You had a messenger bag with a Decepticon logo patch on the side. How devilish...wasi it fate?

3. The gothic princess puking up what I think was vodka and orange juice. I helped you off the train where you coninued to puke in the garbage can. You said thank you a thousand times, and then you bit me.

4. The 50-something radiant woman-child sitting next to me on the red line to Clark and Division. You were reading Fear of Flying. I was reading the new JT Leroy. You fired off a wicked glance.

5. The folkie waitress at Pick me Up...Can I?

6. The stonewashed jeans wearing KitKat outside the Metro. I handed you a flyer and you blushed.

7. The waitress at the blue line bar on Damen. You remind me of a girl I once knew. My mom.

8. 3rd copier at Kinkos on North Ave. You were copying pictures of your ass while the employees were not looking. I laughed and you looked at me slyly.

9. Blue line to Belmont bus. I was 2 minutes late. Damn.

10. The angel in Tragically Hip. You were shopping for shoes? No I think you wanted to buy me a drink...again, fate?

11. The Persephone hanging outside of Dunkin Donuts with the nose ring and shirt on with David Bowie on it. I spilled coffee on you. I wish we could have had more (or less) to say...

12. the woman who through away 32 jewel cd cases on Belmont. Best Buy wants that Sarah McLaughlin CD back, they know you stle it, just like my heart.

13. The 2 girls sitting, pigging out on franks at Dogs on Clark. You could kick my ass in Centipede? Not after I'm done kissing yours...

14. the girl looking for something at the Logan Square Blue Line stop again. Your good looks towards me were fascinating. Ive never seen fire like that except at my family reunion in Waco.

15. the girl working the front at guitar center. I would have hit on you if I could have seen what your real face looked like.

16. Camille Paglia, I know that was you.

17. Mom, thanks for the sack lunch. You'll get kisses later...maybe>? I don't know, I'm not coming home anytime soon.

18. the woman outside the theater on clark st. I said excuse me, you said "Yeah I guess!"...email me so I can shove that coffee in your face. That was rude.

Whatever...love, like beauty is all so fleeting...

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