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favorite this post Seeking LTR with a man with 11 toes

I am looking for someone with 11 toes.
Preferably the 7/4 split.

Anyone who posts anything here seriously hoping to meet a girlfriend or boyfriend is a glutton for punishment.
If you don't know why, you should go to the best-of section and look for a post called "Blind Date Observations." I found it to be pretty parallel to my (becoming distant) past internet dating experiences.
But I am writing anyway, because I have been stuck inside with some mysterious illness requiring copious amounts of antibiotics and shots(the kind with needles, not glasses), for the last 8 days. Can you imagine how crazy I am going?
But man, if that 7/4 split exists, I'm serious, I really want to date that person.
Wait... allow me to amend that.
If you have 7 toes on one foot, and 4 toes on the other, have always thought it was really sort of the coolest thing imaginable, and look forward to sandal wearing season so you can freak people out with your 7/4 split, you are definitely the guy for me.
If you have the 7/4 split but spend as much time as possible hiding it from possible girlfriends because it makes you feel like a worthless loser then I am definitely not the girl for you and I urge you to accept yourself.
Thank you.

it's TOTALLY ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests relating to superfluous toes

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